2i Efkairia is a sustainable initiative in the field of social entrepreneurship and circular economy.


Every day we get calls from our fellow citizens to pick up items from their household that they no longer need and do not wish to end up in landfills, and so we give them life and value again. The goods are cleaned, dismissed, maintained or repaired properly by the staff and then after being documented (description, characteristics, photography, coding, marking with a barcode on an adhesive label and pricing) they are made available for sale at very low prices.

Our prices are very low because they do not include any private commercial profit, but only social benefit.

All of the store’s income is directed to the creation of vacancies for people belonging to the special social groups:

  • Homeless
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Victims of human trafficking & human trafficking
  • People living in poverty
  • Economic migrants
  • Refugees and asylum seekers pending the examination of the granting of asylum
  • Heads of single-parent families
  • People with cultural differences
  • Long-term unemployed up to 25 years old and over fifty years old

For the pickup and receipt of items or for more information, call us at 2310274445.