Christmas Bazaar

ARSIS – Youth Support Social Organization

and the Social Cooperative Inclusion Enterprise “KREITTON”

join forces on Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 December from 10.00 in the morning to 18.00 in the afternoon and they invite you to a Christmas Bazaar.

The Bazaar will take place in the welcoming area of “2i Efkairia” store,

on the junction of 1 Ioustinianou & 1 Siatistis streets in the center of Thessaloniki

and will support the actions of the hostel for children and teenagers “The House of ARSIS“.

We await you with creations and projects made by the children and volunteers of the “The House of ARSIS”.

In the same space, there will be a painting exhibition with works by Brandy Keinelumpa, beneficiary of ARSIS.

The House of ARSIS welcomes and cares for 21 children and teenagers, who lack parental care, while in its 14 years of operation it has offered warmth and coziness to

more than 350 children. We are very proud of all our children and what they have succeeded in, despite the difficulties they went through. Throughout their efforts, many volunteers and sensitized citizens of the local community stood by them and helped in practice both in the operation of the hostel and in their socialization and integration children.

 The “House of ARSIS”

The “House of ARSIS” is the only guest house of emergency accommodation in Northern Greece that cares children who are victims of neglect, abuse, …

The assistance of civil society is valuable to ensure the necessary needs in the hostel’s daily operation.

Help through volunteer services, food, clothing, equipment and financial aid ensures the continuous improvement of the living conditions of the hosted children and teenagers.